We end 2014 with an array of emotions and many blessings. Though our emotions can range from gratitude to frustration to everything in between, one thing is for sure. The Lord blessed us greatly in 2014!

Here are just some of the blessings from 2014:

  • Worked with Gary Elliott (MTW missionary in Bulgaria) who has been giving us additional coaching in support raising.
  • Increased in monthly pledged support from 24% in January to 78% at the end of December.
  • Attended our final and month long training in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Gained many new friends through our training that will last a lifetime.
  • Grew closer with our church family at Christ Community Church.
  • Were able to visit with many churches and friends.
  • Were given the opportunity to workout with some skilled coaches who have whipped us into shape.
  • Attended our agencies area retreat and were able to worship and commune with other dear missionaries serving in Latin America and Africa.
  • Were able to be with our families through some hills and valleys.
  • The Lord has continued to strengthen our marriage and draw us both closer to Him.
  • SO many more!

Yes, this past year has had many struggles and trials. In fact, our overall goal to move to Bogota was this past August . . . and we are still in GA. There are many things that have been a source of frustration and heartache but God is faithful!

In all, we know and rest in the fact that God is faithful and that He does and will continue to provide for us. We pray earnestly that we would be able to move to Bogota soon and join the work He is doing there. We long that God would continue to bring us closer to Him. That we would seek Christ more than anything else in this world. We long for the blessing and brace ourselves for the trials that are to come. Bring on 2015. We are eager and expectant for what is ahead!