Part of our journey to serve on the mission field is choosing from three different locations to go and show the love of Christ.  The places that we have to choose from are La Ceiba, Honduras; Bogotá, Colombia; Panama City, Panama.  Here’s a brief summary of each location.

La Ceiba, Honduras

We were able to visit La Ceiba Honduras on our site visit in May. The current missionary team is composed of the three families and two individuals. La Ceiba is the fourth largest city in Honduras with approximately 200,000 people and located on the northern coast. Some of the current ministry focuses include: ESL classes, children’s ministry, health clinics, street child ministry and a home for single mothers. Their goals also include church planting and pastoral training. Currently Honduras hosts 1 week teams from U.S. churches for about 10 weeks during the summer months.

During our few days with the team in Honduras we were able to witness a great example of team cooperation and communication. It was also a blessing to be able to minister along-side them with a health clinic, children’s bible club, street child outreach and spend time with single mothers. We were also able to use our current Spanish knowledge and embrace the need for more schooling. It was great to see the missionary team have servant’s hearts even in the midst of temperatures in the 90s with no A/C.

Bogotá, Colombia

We were also able to visit Colombia on our site visit in May. The current missionary team is composed of four families. There are also other MTW missionaries there for a new training program. Currently this program has one family and others on the way. Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia and has approximately 10 million people. The city is located on a high plateau in the Andres mountain range at 8,600 ft. The current missionary team is focusing on music training, mercy ministry and evangelism.

During our time in Bogotá we were able to visit surrounding towns and learn more about the culture. We were also able to participate in a children’s outreach program in the inner city. It was a privilege to sit in on an English speaking bible study and hear their passion for the gospel to be spread and cultural differences between Colombians and Americans. It was great to speak with the missionaries about their vision for ministry in Colombia.

Panama City, Panama

We have not yet visited Panama City but we have met with the missionaries who hope to be there very soon. Panama City is the capital of Panama and home to approximately 1.2 million people. It is located at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal.

The missionaries have already selected a neighborhood of the city where they will live and do ministry.  Their goal is to plant a church and raise up nationals to lead while also focusing on discipleship. Since the missionaries are not yet on the field, the ministry opportunities are not yet defined but will be determined once they are there and opportunities present themselves. If we end up going to Panama, we would be part of the initial planting team on the ground for MTW.


Please continue to pray for us as we seek God’s guidance on where He will have us serve.

Muchas gracias,

Los Floyds