We have waited for this day for so long and it is finally here. We are humbled to announce that the Lord has provided the remainder of needed support and will be moving to Bogotá, Colombia on August 12, 2015!




Since we were approved with MTW to serve in Bogotá, Colombia in September 2012, so much has transpired. We both left full time jobs and moved in with my parents in early 2013 and they have been so gracious to us. Support raising took a year and a half longer than expected but we learned so much along the way about our need to rest in His provision and perfect timing. We have visited with many churches, small groups and shared our calling with so many and asked them to partner with us. Along the way many have said yes and answered the call to help send us. To all of you who have prayed, asked questions, read our newsletters and updates, offered us places to stay, given of your time and finances, and pledged to support us: Thank You! Together may we be the aroma of Christ in Bogotá, Colombia.

As an update on our time of grieving, we continue to be grateful for the support system that the Lord has provided us. So many of you have supported us so well through the complications of pregnancy, delivery, and loss of James Adam. We were guided to wise counsel and pointed to a helpful type of therapy that deals specifically with trauma. It has been beneficial in our dealing with our grief and the events of loosing our son. In the years to come, we pray that we may be a source of rest and encouragement for those who face such difficult struggles. Though we will continue to miss our son, we are now confident that it is time to move forward with our plans for Bogotá.

So as we begin to prepare for the international move that we have dreamed of for years, would you continue to pray with us? Here are a few specific requests:

  1. May God continue to prepare our hearts for the work that He has set before us, and daily draw us closer to Himself.
  2. May we work diligently towards getting things checked off of the final to-do list.
  3. That things fall into place with acquiring our visas.
  4. For our family and close friends as we prepare for goodbyes.
  5. That God continue preparing the details of where we will live, serve, and find community in such a large city.

Ross and Ange