I know that this song is a few years old, but it is a song that is very powerful and very personal.  As I shared in my last post, music is a very  major part of my life.  One of the beauties of music and the artists who create them is how a certain few songs, just a small number, seem to speak to us on a very deep and personal level.  A few years ago John Mark McMillan wrote one of those songs.

I have spoke several times about the losses that Angela and I have endured when we lost our children through two miscarriages.  I knew this song before we went through our losses, and I honestly didn’t think about it until just a few months ago.  But when I did think about it, I decided to look it up and listen to it again.  I went to youtube and found this video.  John describes where he was in life and the things that happened that caused him to write this song.  It is a story that is powerful and a song that is truly personal.

Please take a few minutes to watch his story.

Thanks for reading,