I must admit that I just had an “ah-ha” moment: we are at a point in our support raising where we only need 75 people/churches to give $75 a month for us to be at 100%.

It seems that this support raising journey is often about perspective and we usually find ourselves on the negative side. We ARE aware and very thankful for the blessings that God has given us so far. However, the overall goal can sometimes seem daunting and to be honest it sometimes seems unreachable no matter how much we pump ourselves up.

So how did I stumble on this ah-ha moment? Well, we received an email late last night that a family that we recently met is going to support us at $10 per month. You may think, “$10? That’s not much at all.” Well if you say that, you are right and wrong! Right, because $10 per month is equivalent to one meal out at a restaurant or 2 trips to the coffee shop. Even some normal items at the store cost more than $10 … toilet paper, batteries, a large roast, etc. HOWEVER you would also be wrong. $10 a month is a huge amount when it comes to our support raising. Our new supporter mentioned that we only need 700 people to give $10 for us to raise all our funds. And with the amount we have currently raise we actually only need 560 people to commit to give $10 per month for us to reach our goal.

So, this got me thinking about where we actually are in our support raising endeavor. We are at approximately 24% and have $5,600 remaining to raise in monthly pledges. This $5,600 can be broken down in a few different ways, but these are the 2 ways that are very feasible in my mind:

75 people @ $75  per month
560 people @ $10 per month

You can definitely give more or less depending on how the Lord leads. Please know that every single pledge makes a HUGE difference in our ability to get to and live in Bogota for 3 years. Help us reach our goal and submit your pledge today! Click here to do so.

If you have any questions, please email us at losfloyds@gmail.com.