Since we have arrived, we have had our eye on the goal of acquiring and moving into an apartment. We knew that the process would be slow and would take from 4 to 6 weeks once we actually found a place. But even knowing that, the waiting has been hard and frustrating. With most tasks, we have felt like someone just needed to go push a button and we would be able to move forward to the next step. And we wonder day after day, “Why is it taking so long? It should take 2 seconds for someone to do what needs to be done for us.” The key there is someone. In this process of hurrying to get one task done to then wait for who knows how long, is draining. It feels like trying to run a marathon and at ever mile marker you have to stop and wait for someone to give you the green light to continue on. And that green light may not come for a few hours, few days or a few weeks. You just never really know. (recent facebook post)

But the someone is key. Through this process, we are meeting people and starting relationships. For instance, we have come to know the people at the local branch of our new Colombian bank quite well. A task that we were originally told would take 3 to 5 business days, took over 2 weeks to complete. So day after day, we would go in to the bank and ask if it was done. Although this is frustrating beyond belief, relationships are being formed. Now that the one task is done, it is like a whole new world with these individuals. When we walk in they are delighted to see us and wave to us. They use what little English they know to talk with us. And on Friday when we went in to check to see if our wire had been received (which it had not), they held up their work just to catch up with us. Of these people we have met just at the bank, 3 of them really want to be a part of our English club that we hope to start once we are finished with our language study. And one of the workers even gave me her card with her personal cell phone number to call her anytime for help with anything in the city.

Moral of the story is that even in this time of frustration and “hurry up and wait” journey, that the Lord is guiding our path. That He is leading us and guiding us to someone who desires to learn. We simply pray that we would be able to point them to Christ, whether that is through our attitude, conversations, or building relationships.  May our day to day tasks or waiting, one day produce fruit for HIS glory.