From the beginning of our marriage it has been a desire of Ange and I to serve on the foreign mission field.  We also knew that our desire was in Central and South America, and just recently we had an opportunity to take one of the first steps to make that desire a reality.  But before I tell you about our recent adventure I need to tell you about our happiness and heart aches over the past year.

Last summer we began to make plans to visit a foreign mission field to look at the possibility of serving with the mission team that was there.  Shortly after we started making the arrangements we found out that Ange was pregnant.  We were so happy, but that did throw a wrench in things, because Ange was not allowed to fly while pregnant (insurance stuff).  So we put those plans on hold and we were totally okay with that, since we have desired to have children for a long time.  Then August 3 happened. Ange had a miscarriage and we were completely devastated. Going through that heartache was very hard, and we knew that we needed some time to mourn and process what we just went through before we could go on a trip to pursue our desire for missions.

The new year came along and we had not really discussed missions since the miscarriage.  At the end of January we found out that Ange was pregnant again, so at this time missions was not something that was on the forefront of our minds.  We were just so excited to be pregnant again, and praying that this time it would go full term and everything would okay and have a healthy child.  However, God had different plans for us once again.

On February 15, Ange had her second miscarriage. Another devastating event in our lives.  This time the loss was still very real but seemed to be a lot easier to deal with and process.  Since we lost the first baby just six months earlier, I believe God used that pain and struggle to be able to handle another tragedy of losing a child.  That doesn’t mean that we didn’t (and don’t) hurt, but I believe that He enabled us to trust in His strength, mercy, and providence more than we did during the first loss in August.

In dealing with the losses, God has placed a dear friend, Jeremy Ezell,  in our lives to give us some amazing Christ centered wisdom.  While hanging out with Jeremy after the miscarriage in February he suggested that Ange and I should take a weekend retreat. That we should use that time to deal with the loss and seek God in everything that has happened to us in the past six months.  It was during that retreat that God renewed desire to pursue missions, and to not waste any time in that pursuit. 

Our retreat was on Palm Sunday weekend and the following week we contacted some missionaries and setup times to go and visit them and explore the possibilities of serving with them. We were interested in 3 different locations: La Ceiba, Honduras; Panama City, Panama; and Bogotá, Colombia. We could not yet physically visit Panama since the missionaries who are going there are still here in the US but we were able to meet with them in the home outside Atlanta. We were able to schedule a visit Honduras and Colombia May 5 – May 13.  It was definitely a short time frame, but we were confident in the direction that God was taking us and knew that He would provide us the means to make it happen.  I believe we sent out support letters on April 14 and God provided over double the amount we needed in about a week.  We were and still are overwhelmed at how God used our friends and families to confirm our desires with such amazing generosity.  We used the next couple of weeks to get ready for our trip and loaded a plane to Honduras the morning of May 5. 

But your not getting that story right now, you have to wait. SORRY!

We want to thank everyone for all your prayers and support during this exciting time in our lives.