One thing we have realized in raising support, is that people really want the gospel to reach the ends of the earth. This is incredible and should be the goal of every believer … for the gospel to reach every tribe, tongue and nation!

However, geography can sometimes become a hurdle for us missionaries who are not going to minister to an “unreached” people group. We firmly believe in the sovereignty of God and that he will use His people to complete the mission of reaching every tribe, tongue and nation. God’s chosen people exist all over this globe. Missionaries are sent out not just from the United States but from numerous countries around the world. 

Our friend and colleague, Mike Pettengill, who serves in Honduras, was recently published on the Gospel Coalition website. Please read his article titled, Crawling Through the 10/40 Window.

We are confident that the story of Christ will reach every tribe, tongue and nation. Our prayer is that God would somehow use a couple like Ross and I to tell His story of redemption and salvation where He calls us. He has not called us to a location in the 10/40 window, but to Latin America. May we continue to desire that God would be raising up believers from all over the world to reach into, or “crawl through the 10/40 window.” May our ministry both now and in Bogota glorify God and reach the ends of the earth.

To God be the glory!