An influential quote that has recently spoken to me is:If its worth doing
“If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing poorly.”

We heard this at one of our trainings for missions service and it has stuck with me. Maybe because of my perfectionist tendencies or attitude that if I can’t do it well then I just shouldn’t do it at all. Well, this statement speaks freedom and grace into my prideful soul. Yes, I do agree that we should give our all to everything we do. This statement should never imply that we should do things halfheartedly. What it does YELL to me is that it’s okay to give all that I have, even if what I have to give is not much at all.

Some practical examples of this in my own life include (but are not limited to): prayer, studying scripture, reaching out to others, working out, eating healthy, etc.

The list really could go on and on, but these areas of my life are where this quote currently pierces my soul. If prayer is worth doing, then it is worth doing even if I don’t know what to say. If studying the scripture is worth doing, then it is worth doing even if I have no clue what I am reading. If reaching out to others is worth doing, then it is worth doing even if I stumble over my words and can be extremely awkward. If working out is worth doing, then it is worth it even if I struggle to run a mile without stopping. If eating healthy is worth doing, then it is worth doing even if I cannot seem to get the hang of it.

WHY IS THIS? I believe this speaks so deeply to me because one of my idols is prideful perfectionism. I desire to do things and do them well because I CAN do them! There is nothing wrong with striving for excellence in the things we do BUT there is something wrong if I simply avoid certain things because I don’t feel like I am good at doing them. This statement is a reminder of the Gospel. That Christ can do all things in me, that I need His grace daily, and that He desires to refine me. He can work mightily through my humble inability. It is a reminder that there will always be areas of my life that are hard, but Christ is in the business of sanctification and giving grace.

So even if I struggle with praying, studying the Word, communicating with others, working out, and living healthy; it is still worth doing. Even my poor attempt is better than no attempt at all. May I be able to freely struggle in hopes for Christ to work in me and strengthen me in these areas.

So to all you people out there who are like me, rest in the fact that:
“If it is worth doing, then it is worth doing poorly.”