The following was a note that Ross wrote in our November 2013 newsletter. We wanted to make it available on our blog … so here it is!

A Note From Ross

Over the past couple of months, Angela and I have taken a look at how we are going about the process of raising support to get to the field. At times, we feel that we are not able to communicate properly the need and urgency that is present. We have also been faced with the answer from some that there is not any money available to give towards missions. That the economy has been given such a blow, that there is no extra to give. To be honest, that is just hard for me to accept.

Sad to say, but since Angela and I have been raising support, God has really convicted us on how much we have not supported missions in the past. Especially when we were in a position to give generously. Now that we are on the other side of the spectrum, I wish that there was someone that challenged us to stop being stingy and give. After all, that is what God has called us to do, Romans 10:15 “And how are they to preach unless they are sent?” God has called us to preach the Good News and we are relying on you to send us.

It can be done, it is not as hard as you think. Let me try to put it in perspective. Over this past Black Friday weekend, Americans have spent just over 57 billion dollars on Christmas stuff. We just need 0.00067% of that amount to sustain us for our term of 3 to 4 years. In a nation that is not afraid to spend so much money on stuff, why are we as Christians, who are called to spread Grace throughout the world, so reluctant to put that money towards spreading the gospel? 

Let’s look at this in a more practical application. How much money do you spend per month eating out? What if you took the money from just one of those meals each month and give financially towards the calling that Christ has on our lives in Bogotá? Whatever that amount would be for you, it would be such a huge blessing. To give you some perspective, we would need 70 people at $75 per month, or 210 people at $25 per month, or 525 people at $10 per month to put us at 100% of financial need.

God has called us all to be a part missions, locally and globally . He may not have called you to go personally, but He has called you to be personally involved. Please take the and consider how God has called you to be a part of the ministry in Bogotá, Colombia.

My challenge to you is this: How will you give?