Once a year our missionary colleagues with MTW have a short retreat. Many of us don’t see each other very often as we are scattered throughout the city and work with different ministries. It has been great for us to get away, rest, catch up with our dear colleagues, worship together and even have some fun.

This year we traveled by bus 3 hours north of Bogotá to a city called Villa de Leyva. The finca (hotel or campground) that we stayed at was so lovely and had great views of the mountains. We were also able to see stars at night. Most of you may not think too much about this but for Ross it has been almost a year since he has seen stars. There were so many to see, it really was breathtaking.

As a team, we had daily devotionals, meals together and a time of worship. A pastor and his wife from Franklin, Tennessee also came with us to share scripture with us, get to know us and encourage us. In all, it was a great time to draw close to Christ, our family, and our missionary team.

Below are a few photos from our trip. Click here to see more photos.

Hotel Boutique Caney

City center: Villa de Leyva

Selfie with a Kronosaurus fossil that was found by a farmer in 1977. There are lots of marine fossils that have been found in this arid mountainous area of Colombia. The Kronosaurus is known as the T-Rex of the sea.