One thing that we have found to be true is that Satan is on the prowl. It is so easy to get caught up in the things that we feel should be happening and forget the blessings that are right under our noses.

So this post is to remind ourselves of the blessings that God has provided.

– although our personal finances make no sense on paper, we have been able to pay all of our expenses up to this point even though neither of us have had a full time job since April
-we are at 20% of our monthly pledge need which includes 29 families/individuals
-we are at 25% of our onetime need which includes 1 church and 22 families/ individuals
-we have a free place to live with Angela’s parents
-we are a part of 2 different bible studies where we get to learn and dig into scripture with others
-we have numerous friends who help meet our needs and pray for us faithfully
-in October and November we have 6 weeks in a row of presentations every weekend.
-we are in good health
-we love spending time together as husband and wife

ULTIMATELY … We have a God who loves us, extends grace to us daily, and provides for our needs even when we doubt.

And there are even more things than these that we need to remind ourselves of often.