As you may have seen on facebook or read in our most recent newsletter, Ross and I are serving in Cherokee, NC this week on the Cherokee Reservation. I have been quickly reminded of the fact that the Cherokee Indians and so many other Natives in our country are often a forgotten nation. These are people who are proud of their heritage, their culture and their language … as they should be! They are kind and welcoming and have a view of the world that is different from the average Caucasian American. Sadly, these wonderful people are often outcasts in the eyes of many.

I have found myself praying that God would raise up people who are called to serve these precious people and that God would continue to raise up Cherokee people to worship God through Christ in spirit and in truth. And while we are here for only a week, I pray that God would let us not quickly forget that His mission is to spread the gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation…including this nation of the Cherokee people. May they and other natives not be the forgotten nations.