We have realized that some people do not know what we mean when we post or say, “Be a Bean!” So here is a quick explanation.

Ross and I are missionaries with Mission to the World to Bogotá, Colombia. We are currently raising support and we hope to move and start our term of service in Colombia this year. God has gifted us and given us experiences to pursue the growth of healthy churches and to minister to young adults in a Latin American urban setting. Bogotá is a large city with a great need and we look forward to joining the MTW missionaries there, plugging into the Colombian culture, and sharing the gospel in hopes to reach some. We desire to build relationships and disciple young adults through University campus ministry, music, tattoos, knitting, and any other opportunity that the Lord provides.

To do these things that God has called us to, we must raise 100% of our needed support to get to the field and minister there for our term. Since coffee is one of the major exports of Colombia, we have decided to make the coffee bean an important symbol of our support family. Just as it takes numerous beans to make a delicious pot of coffee, it also takes the faithfulness of churches, families and individuals to sustain our ministry in Bogota. We affectionately call each church, family or individual who pledges to support our ministry a “bean.” Join us so that together we may be the aroma of Christ in Bogotá: Be a Bean!!

Whether you can give $10 a month ($120 annually) or $200 per month ($2,400 annually) your faithfulness is such a blessing to our ministry now and once we get on the field. Any amount can be pledged.

Email us if you are interested or if you have more questions on how you can partner with us. If you have already decided to partner with us, click to submit your pledge with us.