You may be wondering what we are doing while we are here in Brussels, Belgium for the month. We are currently attending our LAST required training with MTW. It is called CCMI. So what is CCMI?

CCMI stands for Cross Cultural Ministry Internship. During this month-long training there are two specific methods in which we are learning: in a classroom setting and in ministry with local partners.

In our classroom setting here are a few topics we are covering:
– Cross-Cultural Skills
– Language Acquisition Skills
– Contextualization
– Interpersonal Dynamics
– Spiritual Formation and Self-Care
– Evangelism
– Family Issues
and more . . .

In ministry settings Ross and I are working with 2 different ministries:

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Brussels Branch
-We get the honor of worshiping with our brothers and sisters in faith from Ghana. We attend a weekly bible study and attend Sunday worship.
-We have the honor to getting to know some of the families that make up this congregation over meals and fellowship time.
-We have the humble opportunity to observe their culture and ask them questions about their life here in Belgium and their Ghanan heritage and culture.

Serve the City, Brussels
-We get to serve along-side a local branch with events and activities they have planned around the city.
-About them: Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers 
showing kindness in practical ways to people in need including the homeless, asylum seekers, elderly, disabled, children in need, and victims of abuse.


In a nut shell, we are learning practical tools that will help us begin life  and ministry in Colombia and we are building relationships with other missionaries and national partners that will last a lifetime. Our time here so far has been very encouraging and we cannot wait to use these acquired or refreshed skills in Bogota.